Under 2 weeks to go 🙂 OMG!!! It has been a bit of a ‘bitty’ week really – busy, travelling, home to Devon, but got my training done and on-going progress.  I have now started to think about how I ‘taper’ – I think that is the technical term – so perhaps the last walk with the very heavy rucksack done this morning! Woo hoo!

Great to get inspiration and motivation from other people – as I came off the hill this morning in the semi dark, 2 older ladies (must have been late 50s/ early 60s) all kitted out in fell running kit were making their way out! We stopped and had a quick chat – they were going up the hill and over the moor to Pilgrims Cross – “or the trig point if we feel up to it!” Brilliant – I smiled all the way home – reflecting that you are never too old to start making a difference, pushing yourself in a way that makes sense to be the best you want to be! Thank you ladies!

The other thing that has been taxing my mind is getting the final kit together – I think I am about there, but the question of my ‘entertainment’ or ‘luxury’ items is a tricky one! Because I have to carry everything, it begins to rule out things I would normally turn to e.g. the pile of books I have been given/bought but not read yet!  Ok,  so my Kindle is the answer – mmm, yes, but the kindle needs charging.  Just take my iphone with kindle app – same deal, needs charging and they are notoriously rubbish in the cold.  The reality is at the temperatures we will experience batteries will need protecting and last for a very short time, carrying a charger/booster pack is heavy; what about a camera? I have my daughter’s old one which is supposed to be a bit more robust, couple of extra batteries and hopefully good to go?!  I have also decided to take a thin Moleskine notebook – my ‘Aconcagua Journal’ with a couple of pencils (pens might freeze).

All a bit confusing and worrying because in actual fact I think there will be an awful lot of down time, rest days and time in the tent to kill. I am sure that the views will be stunning, I intend to meditate as much as I can and of course I am hoping that Luke (fellow climber) and I will get on well and the craic will be mighty!  However, all of that said, I will need to relax, escape and keep motivated and I am hoping that the journal will be a great tool and give me something to share when I return!

I think it was Jim Rohn that said we must all work hard during our lives to leave a legacy; he talks about 3 treasures as\"jim-library\" part of a lasting and rich legacy. 1. Your library – “successful people have libraries, the rest have flat screen TVs!” 2. Your photos – “don’t miss the pictures because when you are gone they keep the memories alive.” 3. Your journal – “what a treasure to leave behind when you go. What a treasure to enjoy today!”

So hopefully I can use my journal to help me capture, learn from and amplify the experience and create something lasting to be enjoyed by someone else in the long distant future!

Onwards and upwards!


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  1. Dave Robertson avatar
    Dave Robertson

    Hi Richard – I climbed Kilimanjaro this year – not in the same category as your challenge but still epic – I had a nalbrush recommended to me, which I thought was a joke but was so popular I loaned it out every day to the rest if the group! I’d never have thought of it myself. I also found puzzles to be a good way to deal with the downtime – I tore them out of the airline magazine, etc – general knowledge crossword, soduko that sort of thing, spacesaving and good tent material. Took a camera – better battery than phone – and didn’t turn phone on at all.

    1. Hi Dave – nailbrush – now that does sound like a good idea! Hope you enjoyed Kili – it was a challenge enough that’s for sure – did it in 2013 and really enjoyed it! I hadn’t thought about brain puzzles as not keen – but you are right and a great idea! Thank you!

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