Kili consulting is built on a great foundation…. “Be the best you can be”. It’s founder, Richard, is an inspirational “tigger”…… he bounces wisdom, insight and depth into your thought process, and your organisation. We have worked together in three sectors, over seven years, and he never  fails to help you get things in perspective and see what is important….. and leaves you with a little more energy to get on with it!

Linda Pope - Director of Human Resources and Organisation Development - Aston University

Kili consulting is built on a great foundation…. “Be the best you can be”. It’s founder, Richard, is an inspirational “tigger”…… he bounces wisdom, insight and depth into your thought process, and your organisation. We have worked together in three sectors, over seven years, and he never  fails to help you get things in perspective and see what is important….. and leaves you with a little more energy to get on with it!

Linda Pope - Director of Human Resources and Organisation Development - Aston University

Our clients are our best advocates

They love the value we add and testimonials from our customers are our best introduction and truly demonstrate the impact which we can have

Ashurst LLP

"Richard really helped our Finance leadership team to work out how to get out of the rut we had become stuck in. He guided us to determine our core priorities to support the wider team and create plans to implement the necessary changes. He particularly supported us to ensure we are mindful of our own well-being at the same time as driving forward change. Richard really helps leaders to think differently and get the best out of themselves and the situation – he is a pleasure to work with. "
Carla Dixon
Director of Partnership Tax

Peak Pharmacy

"I have been working with Richard for 8 years both individually and as part of team development. During that time he has been an incredible support, coach and mentor enabling me to increase my confidence, stretch and challenge myself and increase focus. I use his strategies and tools regularly to keep on track with my own self-awareness and growth and wouldn’t be where I am today without the challenge and support he has given me. Richard has an energetic and enthusiastic style, meaning he can connect a room and bring them together to create a plan that everyone is bought in to. He pulls everyone into the conversation in an inclusive way, ensuring that he gets the best out of everyone. I would always recommend Richard to anyone wanting to develop a plan for themselves or a team.”
Sarah Jones
Chief Financial Officer

Citizens Advice Bury and Bolton

"I reached out to Richard, following a strong recommendation - I was not disappointed. I was looking for a facilitator who could facilitate and steer our senior leadership team (trustees & executive team) away day. I had several introductory discussions with Richard prior to the away day - Richard understood the brief and really understood what we needed to achieve during the day. All attendees were engaged and his contributions were insightful - we're definitely in a stronger position now, thanks to his input.".
Gary Malcomson
Chief Executive Officer

Devon and Cornwall Constabulary

"Richard provided a fresh perspective on professional development and leadership that was both thought provoking and challenging. His experience, insight and perspective left an impression on us all that will support my team to best meet their personal goals whilst contributing towards organisational objectives and outcomes".
Shaun Kenneally
Chief Inspector

The Co-Operative Food

"I have worked with Richard now for 7 years and can't speak highly enough about what he can do to help you and your business. He focuses on what matters and has a style and format that brings out what you need to do, when you need to do it and how to take your people with you whilst you are doing it."
Mark Hale
Supply Chain Director

Shared Services Forum UK

"Richard creates a high level of achievement by collaboration and working to a common direction, investing considerable time in stakeholder management at all levels to achieve this.  He relishes the challenges of the future and I for one greatly appreciate the expertise he brings, being a strong advocate for ‘people’ excellence, crystallised by the way he works and his charismatic leadership style."
Gary Booth
Board Member


After working alongside Richard for over a year, I have to say he is a driving force that really makes things happen. He has delivered everything that he set out to do and has been an inspiration to everyone he has met. His ability to create positivity and generate passion to get the job done is exemplary. He is an accomplished facilitator, experienced in all Change Management aspects and I would have no hesitation in using Kili services again.
Kathy Ellis
Transformation Programme Manager

Gloucestershire Constabulary

I wanted to thank you for the work that you have done at Gloucestershire Constabulary reviewing our leadership programmes and helping to make them fit for purpose as we reshaped the organisations Operating Model and navigate through austerity measures.  Additionally, you facilitated a Senior Leader’s Planning Day to help build strong relationships between key decision makers in the organisation.  In all of our interactions with you we found you to be insightful, appropriately challenging and a joy to work with.  You delivered your work in a timely and easily digestible manor giving us a clear, relevant and pragmatic way forward.  It was just what we needed at the time – so thank you.
Rod Hansen
Deputy Chief Constable

Tesco Future Farmer Foundation

As a young woman in the process of taking over a medium sized family farming business, employing 20 people, I have a lot to take on.  As part of the Tesco Future Farmer Foundation; a programme I have been part of for the past 12 months, Richard was assigned to me as my mentor to help with leadership, strategy and project planning.  He works in an energised, inspiring and pragmatic way which has helped me focus on what I need to do and has kick started me into getting things done.  I'm really excited about continuing working with Richard, because what he has done for me so far is invaluable.
Sophie Hope

Tesco Future Farmer Foundation

Richard held an energetic and thought-provoking day which managed to stretch and challenge the members of the group that were most acquainted with current thinking on leadership and strategy, without leaving any of the participants behind. His engaging and relaxed style made the day full of fun and his commitment to actions ensured nobody went home with the experience passing them by. I look forward to working with Rich again in the future. 
Joe Towers

Midcounties Co-operative

Kili Consulting (Richard Ferguson) were incredibly well-planned and understood our needs, as part of our overall IT transition plan. I am certain that we have and will continue to collectively benefit from the insightful and challenging workshops that have driven our transition within the IT department. Whether you are savvy or a novice, the activities are invaluable, and thought provoking, clearly identifying targeted activities to achieve the aim.
IT Leadership Team

Palmer & Harvey

Richard recently facilitated a 2 day working conference for me. The elephant in the room was the fear of the ‘unknown’……a new leadership team , a new direction……possibly a new culture for a very traditional and historically  ‘cocooned’ team. From supporting detailed pre-planning through to facilitating the event Richard helped ensure things flowed smoothly. No ‘death by power point here’…….rather two days of full engagement through involving everybody and letting our future plans spill out in the room. Serious , humorous and uplifting the 2 days we spent were in part thanks to Richard and have laid a solid foundation for our ‘Must Win Battles’ moving forward.
Mark Leonard
Group Operations Director

Aston University

Kili consulting is built on a great foundation.... "Be the best you can be". It's founder, Richard, is an inspirational "tigger" ......he bounces wisdom, insight and depth into your thought process, and your organisation. We have worked together in three sectors, over seven years, and he never  fails to help you get things in perspective and see what is important.....and leaves you with a little more energy to get on with it!
Linda Pope
Director of Human Resources and Organisation Development

MidCounties Co-op Finance

Richard was a great help to us in our process to identify the best structure, the processes to fix and the culture and behaviours we aspire to within Finance, at a time of changing business needs.  He gave us a great framework in which to work within, kept us on track and kept our enthusiasm up when we were flagging.  He was always engaging in his interactions with all levels of colleagues, and thoughtful in his interventions with us.  I was also very impressed that when he said he was going to do something for us, he always stuck to his word.  I am sure that our paths will cross again.
Lee Coleyshaw,
Chief Financial Officer

Tesco Future Farmer Foundation

Working with Richard as my mentor has been a truly enlightening and positive experience. He has an infectious enthusiasm and drive to help others realise their potential and how to do something about it. I have more confidence in myself and my ability to shape my own future thanks to his help and guidance Richard has been a joy to work with and I hope to continue to work with him in the future
Chrissy Hutchings

Sodexo Finance Shared Services

I have worked with Richard in my past two organisations and he continues to bring a vibrancy to the support he provides to our Management team. Richard brings experience, passion & an easy manner in which all of our team are engaged. His facilitation & leadership support have provided a strong platform to progress more rapidly.
Lee Britain
Director of Finance Shared Services

Citizens Advice

When I stepped up into a new senior role to develop our corporate project management office to deliver major change more effectively, Richard was quick to understand the challenges and provided me with a range of tools and techniques to help me position both the role and myself for maximum chance of success. He encouraged me to think in new ways and try different approaches in order to build confidence and resilience. Whilst the process wasn't easy, six months on, I feel optimistic that the function I'm developing will really be able to make a positive difference to the organisation. Thank you, Richard.
Ros Fane
Head of Projects and Change

Sat Nav for Life

Attending Sat Nav for Life was a fantastic and worthwhile, thought provoking investment of a day. Richard’s fresh perspective on professional development was delivered with real energy and challenge and he was quick to engage all attendees. Working in a fast paced environment it is all too easy to forget to focus enough time on yourself. This day allowed me to step back and really evaluate my short and long term goals and has helped me become even more focussed on making progress at work and home! Thank you!
Sarah Lawrence
Head of Retail Internal Audit

Facilitation Training

"Richard's relaxed approach really helped put me at ease and the workshop design was well aligned with my learning style and delivered at the right level respecting the existing knowledge and expertise in the room. The workshop really challenged me in a constructive way and I came away with new perspectives, ideas and increased confidence."
Mark Blanchard
Forum Facilitator

Purpose Driven Leadership

“I’ve attended many events like this, but Richard is different. Firstly, he clearly lives how he talks,  he applies the principles he shares with us in his daily life, that’s inspiring. Secondly, he’s clear in saying that it’s not a 1 stop shop, some of his learning will not apply to all and he doesn’t try and force them on us, that gains buy in from the group, and in my sessions everyone has taken something from them. I’ve enjoyed the 2 sessions I have been on, my last one is tomorrow and I feel a sense of disappointment that there will be no more. I have taken away several things from this, help with self motivation, to organisation. I would recommend him to individuals and companies alike, you will not regret it.”
Justin Stone

Purpose Driven Leadership

"Richard and Kili have ran multiple sessions with the leadership and management teams for Midcounties Co-operative IT. These sessions have given the teams and leadership a set of common principles and greater understanding of the value of the people within these teams. Richard runs fantastic insightful and reflective sessions that made us all think about ourselves and our role we play to achieve our goals, a great morale booster. Highly recommended!"
Paul Mills
Head of Portfolio Office

Facilitation Training

Richard did a fantastic job of bringing us together as a group and making us do our best collaborative thinking. I walked away energized and full of ideas on how to be a better facilitator.
Jannika Kremer

Project Facilitation

I met Richard when he came in to help facilitate a project with me. He is such a great character. Full of energy and motivation and really knows how to get the best out of a group session so that they all feel confident to talk and give their opinions in that session. Richard helped me pull together a great project piece on smart process and I feel I have learned a lot from his positive outlook.  Would highly recommend!
Carla Quinton
Shopping Fulfillment Manager

Conference Design and Facilitation

"The business decided to engage with the operations teams to align them for the new financial year and introduce a new operating model. We decided we wanted a facilitator to support the session and also support the leadership team over two days to ensure we got the most out of our teams. We turned to Richard as we had worked with him previously and he has a really good understanding of the challenges faced by teams when they are going through a change transformation. Richard not only facilitated the 2 day conference but also supported the senior team to define the required outcome for the meeting and also helped prioritise what was important with limited time to influence a large team. Richard then turned the outcomes required into a fun, informative and collaborative session for our teams. As a senior team we had an opportunity to listen to our teams, share our plans and also understand their barriers, concerns and successes! The feedback from the colleagues was brilliant – phrases like ‘a good use of my time’ and ‘I fully understand the role I play in achieving the budgets’ scored an 8/10 – so a really positive two days. Thank you Richard"
Debbie Arat
HR Business Partner


"Thank you for the CIPD presentation on Being the Best you Can be in life and business, I was inspired by your ideas and the notion of concrete written down plans, which I’ve made a start on today!
Sally Walker


"Richard is a charismatic, inspirational and motivational coach; inspiring me to be the best I can be. His energy and enthusiasm is infectious.  Thank you Richard."
Jo Orsler

Leadership Development

A truly insightful session held last week. Rich’s approach to coaching and facilitating is exactly as I would hope – he doesn’t push off the shelf or irrelevant information or insights down your throat. Rather he takes feedback from his audience about what they want the course to look like and then facilitates learning to ensure we’re not left wanting. Interaction is key – Rich’s facilitation approach draws the group out and before you know it, you’re talking more with your peers, drawing from their knowledge and giving your opinion rather than just flat listening to a tutor at the front of the room give a talk. The tasks are relevant and fun and time flies by as a result.
Fraser Mackay

Team Facilitation

“Richard’s infectious enthusiasm and very quick grasp of our business and the challenges we faced as a team ensured that Day One of our offsite started at pace and all topics were greeted with genuine enthusiasm by the team.  Post the offsite, I have observed a very tightly integrated team with many of the concepts discussed and learnt being put into daily activities.  Avoiding the usual team-building cliché’s, Kili Consulting delivers real world solutions for real world problems and are a delight to work with.  Well Recommended.”
Tim Pearson
Head of Product Readiness & Operations

Global Development Programme

Richard worked with the Premier Farnell supply chain team over a one year development programme working with a cross functional global team. Richard delivered a series of workshops both in the UK and Belgium as well as coaching the various participants over the period of the programme. There are clearly many elements that are critical to ensure any development / change management programme are as success - However where I think Richard specifically (but far from limited to) excelled when working with Premier Farnell was his experience and genuine passion for his field.
Whilst Richard’s experience is not necessarily unique – it’s how he is able to pass on his experience that really shines through. I truly felt that we were able to get the highlights and critical points from Richard’s vast experience rather than just a download of his knowledge and past. As a result every topic or area we explored I felt we were getting a headstart on the learning / field and not constantly starting at square one!
Many programmes in theory look great but often fall short due to being generic  – however with Richard’s experience working across so many organisations he is able to cut through so many abstract theories and models to truly relate them back to our organisation providing us with actuals tools to help the team develop and grow.
Genuine passion
Richard’s passion and ability to build relationships again were critical to the success of the programme. From bringing a large group together, building one on one relationships, or helping each of the participants navigate challenges we face Richard’s passion was evident in each. From my perspective it was great how quickly Richard built up a relationship and so early on was able to be direct, honest and challenging of me to absolutely help me push and develop myself. I can confidently say the positive impact to my career will last far beyond the end of the programme!
Anthony Chou

Induction Design and Delivery

I have attended the 2 day induction last week and again this week, with some 20+ new employees each time in a room for 2 days. Having attended a number of different inductions in my 30+ year career, I can honestly say this is one of the best! 😊 Firstly you have Richards boundless energy and enthusiasm  keeping everyone's attention whilst filling everyone with information and engaging them at every opportunity. The induction was informative, enlightening and fun, I can highly recommend Richard!
Gail Ranson
Head of Payroll UK at Genesee & Wyoming Inc

Vision, goals and team alignment

As a new, emerging brand in Stockport, Sector 3 needed to develop its goals, values and vision as it looked to shape the future for the charity, and the wider voluntary, community, and social enterprise sector.  Richard supported me and the wider board of directors to digest our wider business context, understand our role as directors and the businesses role in the sector and define our vision, purpose and goals.  Richard did a fantastic job of bringing a relatively new board together, helped us gel as a team and supported us to answer the difficult questions about our future in an enthusiastic, professional and supportive way. I find Richard a joy to work with and would highly recommend him.
Steve Hughes