In the current challenging economic climate with the complexities of post pandemic, the pressure on leaders and leadership teams to deliver and truly lead and align organisations has never been greater.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on your perspective, we are now working in a hybrid world where physical connection is more limited, collaboration tougher, resilience levels are low, energy depleted and the war for experienced senior talent tough. From what I have seen everyone is so busy working in the team there is little or no effort on the team.

As a result, teams are potentially a little weary, a little bit disconnected from each other and their priorities, lacking the energy to make an impact.  Which means that some teams are failing to deliver to the best of their ability resulting in colleagues, functions or organisations suffering as a consequence. 

Therefore, is there an opportunity to bring effort and energy to bear to create greater clarity on priorities, develop the connections, the relationships, and the energy of our leadership teams in a meaningful way?

Most organisations are now working in a hybrid world.  Whilst we have been working this way for 2 years or so – it seems to be apparent that it is still creating significant challenges for leaders and colleagues alike.  Many teams have members that joined them virtually and there has been significantly less face-to-face time to speed up the relationship building process; often peoples visits to the office are out of sync and invariably everyone in the team has a different requirement or preference for the way they work.  The upshot is that it is making team collaboration tough than it used to be.

These challenges fall at a time of significant economic instability and pressure, as the war in Ukraine, geo – political unrest and the cost-of-living crisis follow on from over 3 years of varying levels of complexity, uncertainty and chaos from the pandemic.  As a result, our personal and collective resilience is probably at an all-time low and this will always have an impact on morale, productivity and wellbeing. 

However, we also continue to be busy and ‘busyness’ seems to be the next global pandemic affecting us all.  I often speak to clients about the gravitational pull of operational work, and it seems that we are all sucked into more and more reactionary activity and have less and less focus on creating clarity on our priorities.  The result is a prevalence of burnout and a real concern over employee and colleague wellbeing.

Whether you are a member of a team or the leader of a team, doing great work whilst protecting and maintaining your personal health and wellbeing is tough.  I hope that this is a current personal and organisational priority, and if it is, finding some space to step back and talk about it is probably the place to start – but easier said than done.  Kili Consulting has a proven track record facilitating groups having difficult conversations and enabling them to create successful outcomes. Please get in touch if you would like to explore how you can give your team a pep up and move it forward.