I talked in a previous blog about the significant challenge that leaders and leadership team face right now – tired and probably not performing to their full potential.  Ground down from relentless pressure, managing ongoing uncertainty and low resilience levels, all exacerbated by the difficulties associated with hybrid working.  Unfortunately, the fact that we are all busy and busy doing work that ‘needs’ to be done means that everyone gets sucked into the operational activity that is most urgent and people end up doing the work they ‘end up doing’ rather than the work that naturally excites or energises them and to which they are best suited.

As a result, the collective fatigue of a leadership team is exacerbated by the constraints on the individuals in that team, given that they may not be doing the type of work in which they can make the biggest impact.  There is therefore a real opportunity to reenergise teams by unleashing the energy from within that naturally exists in all of us – some work excites us and energises us, other work does not.  Finding a way to ensure that the right people in the team are able to bring their natural energy to bear on the right areas, harnessing natural talent and passion, bringing energy for a greater positive impact becomes a source of significant advantage and can give your team the pep up it might need.

In order to do that we need first to understand where our energy for impact lies.  I have recently become accredited as a Partner with the GC or Game Changing Index – a tool I came across earlier in the year, that I believe can make a real difference to the support that I can give my clients.  Based on the work of Dr John Mervyn-Smith, the GC Index is an organametric that provides valuable people data for better decision making.  By shining a light on the impact and contribution that people can actually make if they are able to utilise their natural proclivities, the Index means that you can refocus teams, projects, cultures to maxmise impact.

I am sure that you have experienced moments in your career or over the last year or so when you have been hugely energised or excited, when the work you have been doing feels effortless and you delivered exceptional results and really brought your natural energy to bear in the best way.  By completing the GC Index and understanding your profile, you are creating the potential to make better decisions about the work you do or find a way of balancing your team in a way that maximises their energy.  Are you a Game Changer with a passion for innovation and change, a Strategist with a focus on ensuring the why is clear and the future is well defined.  Maybe you are an Implementer driven to deliver tangible outcomes or a Polisher obsessed with making things the best they can be. Or perhaps you are a Playmaker, energised by ensuring that everyone collaborates effectively and we deliver as a collective.

Whatever your profile – and there is no right profile or better profile – being clear where you do and do not bring your natural energy to bear is a significant piece of organisational data that you can use to ensure that you or other members of your team are able to make the biggest impact.  If you are making an impact then you are creating energy and it is definitely one of the most effective ways of pepping up a tired leadership team, function or project.

If you would like to explore how Kili Consulting could help you understand where you could create greater energy for impact then please get in touch.