Search for the Holy Grail

Help me please – I had an incredible insight the other day, I finally realised that I was put on this planet to start things…… which….. by definition….. also means I am not good at finishing them!  For Kili Consulting to move forward I need to plug that gap to enable me to play to strengths and do what I do best.

To that end I am looking for the Holy Grail! Because to be honest, I don’t really know what the help looks like and I have only some idea of what I want it to do – but I am certain they are out there and hopefully I can find them and we can develop a solution together.

If you believe that life is too short not to be the best that you want to be and believe that you have something to offer the following role description, get in touch please.

Purpose: To enable me to follow through and deliver more consistently and effectively

Key Performance Areas:

  • Supporting admin – expenses, travel, invoicing
  • Holding me to account and managing my diary and my time
  • Booking and finding networking opportunities
  • Supporting lead development rigour and discipline
  • Creating energy and confidence
  • Challenging my thinking
  • Ensuring effective completion of ideas, tasks and projects

What sort of person?

  • Believes in self improvement
  • Energy, passion and a zest for life
  • Completes, finishes things and sees things through
  • ‘Gets’ what I do
  • Confident and able to challenge constructively
  • Flexible and willing to try new things
  • In it for the long term
  • Doesn’t need leading or managing
  • Great at admin and ideally has WordPress website experience and is social media savvy
  • Kolbe A profile that complements a 4-3-9-3 profile

 Working arrangements:

  • Contract rather than employee
  • Flexible working hours
  • Virtual working but face to face 1x a week ideally

If this sounds like it is worth a conversation or you know someone that might be suitable, please get in touch.



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